EU Funding

European Funding

Our project proposal about a platform that connects supermarkets and food services to customers, allowing them to buy food that is close to its expiration date at reduced rates, was submitted for approval to the Operational Program "Innovations and Competitiveness", initiated by the European Union.

The project was granted 200 000 Euro at Stage 1 and thus FoodChain was born.

What is it all about?

FoodChain leverages the power of cloud infrastructures and mobile applications to propose a solution to the waste food problem. We give restaurants, supermarket chains, hotels, and any other food services the opportunity to publish food that is about to expire and is otherwise going to be thrown away on a web-based platform.

This information then becomes available to all users via a mobile application, thus increasing the chances of this food being bought out and eaten.

The Food Waste Problem

40% of what is grown is not eaten

Even so, one out of three people are chronically underfed and one in eight are starving on a daily basis.

1 trillion dollars yearly

Is the cost of food waste for the global economy. 150 billion of this is costs related to treating patients from diseases caused by pesticides and 280 billion in loss of unreplenishable resources

25% of food can be saved with one click

Wholesale, supermarkets, restaurants and other food services account for 20-30% of the food wasted globally. This is what we are aiming to reduce and eventually completely remove.

50% of food is lost at home

Between 40-50% of the food is wasted in households. Remember that time you forgot the cheese at the back of the fridge or simply didn`t feel like eating that leftover pasta from last night? What you do in your own home can have the biggest impact on reducing food waste.

For Customers

Simply download our application and start enjoying FoodChain.

  1. Tell us how far away you want to go

Define a search radius and we will show you all supermarkets and restaurants that are offering discounted food that is going to be wasted

  1. Receive notifications on special offers

If you agree to it, we will send you notifications on interesting deals with short validity. How do a continental breakfast pack from the five star hotel next to your office for a few dollars or some dishes at 20% of the original price from the Michelin restaurant just before closing time sound like?

  1. Book your meal

If you see something you like, book it through our application and pick it up before the venue closes.

  1. Enjoy your purchase

Simply show the confirmation, pay at the till as you would normally, and walk out through the door with your meal. If you don`t show up on the day and the food still hasn`t reached its expiration date, you will be able to collect it on the following day.

  1. Help the environment

We keep track of your purchases and tell you how much CO2 you have saved by using our application

  1. Save food at home

FoodChain is all about tackling the bigger problems. Receive tips, participate in our challenges, and learn how to reduce your food expenses and food waste.

For Businesses

Regardless of whether you are a supermarket with a few extra tomatoes left on the shelfs, a restaurant with some pasta left in the pot after the lunch menu, or a hotel with some extra pieces of bacon and eggs after serving a continental breakfast, there are ways that you can increase your revenue by increasing your food sales through our platform.

FoodChain allows you to offer food at discounted rates that you are otherwise going to throw away. Just because something is reaching its expiration date or there simply isn`t a way for you to sell it through your usual channels it doesn`t mean that it should go to waste. Our large customer base guarantees that your food will be bought and even at a reduced price, you will increase your earnings.

Create a company profile through our online portal, log the food that you have left along with the original and discounted price and we will do the rest. Your entries are saved to your profile so that you can quickly add them in the future. FoodChain does not charge on a monthly basis. We take a small percentage of each transaction, so that even if you don`t have any waste food to be sold, you don`t have to pay us.

If you want to receive more information about our product, please visit our website and follow the instructions specificed there.

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