Key Features

Have a look at some of the solutions that Veloxoft can provide for your business. Our knowledge and expertise span across mobile applications, online applications, building user-friendly websites, and creating cloud infrastructures.


Android Development
iOS Development
Windows Mobile Development


Web Development
RIA Development
Microsoft Development
Linux/Unix Development


RWD Development
E-Commerce Development
SugarCRM Development
DNN Services

Cloud Computing

Knowledge Managment
Database Design
SaaS Development

Agile Development

We believe that in today`s fast paced economy, where new products are rolled out every single minute, it`s all about fast and easy implementation of a minimum viable product that gets you user feedback. That is why in our work with you we use an approach called Agile Development.

We closely work with you and understand the needs of your business, be that a website, online shop, a mobile application, or a cloud-based platform. With the agile approach, we are able to quickly create a product that meets all of the basic demands of your business.

While you are coming up with additional features and we are implementing them in a second release, you will have the added benefit of learning from user feedback on what users actually want. This approach then results in better and enhanced later versions of your product that also incorporate users` preferences and desires.

Due to different requirements of businesses, our pricing is case specific. Have a look at the example workflow below to gain an understanding of what you might expect. You can join or stop working with us after the completion of any of the agile development cycles.


Design and Development of a Website with
a home page and 5 additional pages

Timeline: 2 weeks
Cost: 1000$

Fully functional website with a responsive
design, database designed to suit your needs,
customer logins, and integrated payment methods.
Timeline: 3 months
Cost: 4000$ + monthly fees for SEO and upkeep

iOS and Android mobile apps with payment systems
Tailored Database design on a Cloud Infrastructure
24/7 Support
Timeline: 6 months
Cost: approx 40 000 $ + monthly fees